Cambridge By-law Regulations

Unfortunately, at this time, backyard hens are not allowed in Cambridge unless the land you live on is zoned appropriately.  See the relevevant section of the City's Animal Control Bylaw below.


5.1 Permitted Lands: No person shall keep poultry and fowl except on land zoned under the City’s Zoning By-Law for agricultural, open space, industrial or rural residential purposes. 

5.2 Location of Coops, Pens, Lofts or Runs: No person shall have a pen, cage, loft, coop and/or run unless it is: 

(a) located at the rear of the person’s lot;

(b) situated at least three (3) meters from the property line; and 

(c) situated at least fifteen (15) meters from any school, church, dwelling, or other premises used for human occupation or habitation, other than the premises occupied by the owner or keeper. 

5.3 Condition of Coops, Pens, Lofts or Runs: All pens, cages, lofts, coops and runs shall 

(a) be kept in a clean and sanitary condition; and 

(b) be suitably enclosed.

In the News

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