Newmarket Regulations

Newmarket updated their regulations in June, 2017 after a successful year long pilot program.  Their full regulations can be found on the City of Newmarket webpage.

  • An application must be submitted to the Town for approval with required documentation;
  • A maximum of three hens per lot is permitted on any residential property (excludes Multi-Residential);
  • All hens must be at least four months old;
  • The keeping of roosters is prohibited;
  • A tenant must obtain permission from the property owner to keep hens on the owner's property;
  • Permission must be obtained from all abutting property owners;
  • The owner of the hens must reside on the property where the hens are kept;
  • Hens must be kept in their coops from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.;
  • A minimum enclosure size of 10 square feet per hen;
  • Hens must be kept in an enclosed hen run when not in their coop;
  • Hen coops and runs shall be a distance of 1.2m from the rear lot line and 1.2m from any side lot line of the dwelling lot on which the hen coop is located;
  • Hen coops and hen runs shall be a minimum distance of 3m from all windows and doors of dwellings that are located on an abutting property;
  • Hen coops shall be less than 2.4m in height;
  • Hen coops are not permitted in any front yard;
  • Hen coops and hen runs shall be maintained in a clean condition and the coop shall be kept free of obnoxious odo‚Äčurs, substances and vermin; and
  • Home slaughter of hens is prohibited and any deceased hens shall be disposed of at a livestock disposal facility or through the services of a veterinarian