Niagara Falls Regulations

Niagara Falls has allowed hens for several years and now allows home owners to keep up to ten hens!  Their full Animal Control Bylaw can be be found here.



1. In this Schedule: "being at large" means to be found in any place other than the property of the owner of the chicken and "be at large" has a corresponding meaning. 

2. No owner shall allow or permit his or her chicken to be at large. 

3. No person shall keep a rooster are not permitted within the Urban Boundary. 

4. The total number of chickens permitted within the Urban Boundary shall be as follows; 

     (a) On and after July 15, 2002: maximum 20 chickens 

     (b) On and after July 15, 2005: maximum 10 chickens 5. All chicken coops shall be located only in the rear yard and must fully enclose the chickens and prevent them from escaping. 

6. The chicken coop shall be designed and constructed to ensure proper ventilation and sufficient space for the chickens and maintained in accordance with good animal husbandry practices and shall keep all vermin out. 

7. All dead chickens must be disposed of immediately and in any event, within 24 hours. 

8. There must be hygienic storage of and prompt removal of chicken feces. 

9. The chicken's food supply must be protected against vermin. 

10. All lots housing chickens must have: 

     (1) detached dwellings on them; 

     (2) a frontage of at least 40 feet; and, 

     (3) a depth of at least 100 feet. 


     (1) The chicken coop shall be located at least 25 feet from the rear lot line of the lot on which the chicken coop is located. 

     (2) The chicken coop shall be located at least 15 feet from any side lot line of the lot on which the chicken coop is located.