The City of Quinte West Regulations

An excerpt from the regulations for the keeping of hens in The City of Quinte West can be found below.  For the complete regulation, please see By-law 11-138. 

4. REGULATIONS: Hen coop Licences

4.1  No person shall operate a hen coop anywhere within the City unless he or she has first obtained a hen coop licence in accordance with Part 3.  The owner of the hens must reside on the property where the hens are kept.  Tenants must obtain permission from the property owner to keep hens on the owner's property.
4.2 A person is not eligible for a hen coop licence or for the renewal of such a licence unless his or her application is accompanied by the annual licence fee, as set out in Schedule C of the Consolidated Fees By-law.
4.3 A person is not eligible for a hen coop licence or the renewal of a hen coop licence unless:
      (1) the use or proposed use conforms with the zoning by-law and zone provisions that apply to the property;
     (2) the property complies with the property standards by-law and any other applicable by-laws;
     (3) the property conforms with all applicable law, including the Health Protection and Promotion Act, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Fire Protection and Prevention Act;
     (4) notwithstanding the provisions of the applicable zoning by-law, the keeping of hens shall be permitted on properties that have a minimum of 0.5 acres, on an eighteen (18) month trial basis.
4.4 The keeping of roosters is strictly prohibited.
4.5 A limit of four (4) hens will be permitted on each residential property.
4.6 Coops must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, free of vermin, obnoxious smells and substances.
4.7 Hens must be provided with access to feed and clean water at all times; such feed and water shall be kept in solid containers.  Uneaten feed shall be removed in a timely manner. 
4.8 All stored manure shall be covered by a fully enclosed structure.  No more than three (3) cubic feet of manure shall be stored.  All other  manure not used for composting or fertilizing shall be removed.  
4.9 The slaughtering of hens is prohibited.
4.10 The selling of eggs or other products derived from hens is prohibited
4.11 All hens must be kept securely in a hen coop at all times.
4.12 All deceased hens shall be disposed of promptly in a sanitary manner. 
4.13 Every person who holds a hen coop licence shall allow, at any reasonable time, a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer or other authorized employee or agent of the City to inspect the property, other than any room or place used as a dwelling, to determine whether all requirements of this by-law are being complied with.