This is just a partial list of the resources available in Southwestern Ontario and is in no particular order.  I have not used all of them, so can not vouch for either their product or service.  If you know of one I've missed, let me know!

Feed Mills

Jones Feed Mills -   With locations in Linwood, Wroxeter and Heidelberg, Jones Feed Mills (JFM) is a family owned and operated feed mill and food-grain supply business that has served the agricultural community for over 80 years.

Floradale Feed Mill -  an independent, family owned and operated, feed company serving livestock and poultry producers in Ontario.

Wallenstein Feed & Supplyfounded in 1958, Wallenstein Feed & Supply continues to be an independent family business serving Ontario‚Äôs diverse and agricultural sector throughout the next decade and for many years to come.

Baden Feed & Supply -  a family owned, quality driven company that can supply you with top quality feeds


Pullets Plus -  A one stop choice for orders of white or brown ready-to-lay hens and all equipment to set up your hobby flock. Produce your own eggs!

Frey's HatcheryFrey's Hatchery has been supplying small family farmers and hobby flock owners with chicks of the highest quality since 1946.

Chicken Rentals

Rent the Chicken -  They take the guess work out of all of the questions by offering a portable coop, the food & supplies, and the egg laying hens for a fixed rental period.

Backyard Bok Boks -  Providing a rural experience in your own backyard that's delivered, and taken away when you're done.


Backyard Chickens - A huge forum that has been around since 1999 and now boasts over 280,000 members from across North America.

My Pet Chicken -  Launched in 2005, this website mission is "To make life easy -- and fun! -- for urban and backyard chicken owners with our line of products, free information, tools and resources."

The Chicken Chick - An attorney by trade, Kathy Shea Mormino has a very popular blog and facebook page. 

Mike the Chicken Vet - An Ontario based veterinarian who works only with farmers, but has a blog with some very interesting topics.

Fresh Eggs Daily - This site was established in 2009 and is based out of Maine.  Lisa is a fifth generation chicken keeper and has some interesting articles on her blog.