Town of Minto Regulations

Despite the best efforts of local residents, backyard hens are still technically illegal in the Town of Minto.  They do allow some exceptions though, to allow for existing backyard hen owners.  For more information check out their Exotic Animal Bylaw (a portion of which is below),  Proposed Policy Requirements Existing Keepers of Backyard Hens or the facebook page CLUCK Minto.  

Exotic Animal Bylaw

2. No person shall keep, harbour or possess any animal or animals of any of the following classes anywhere within the boundaries of the Town of Minto except in the operation of a farm where it is permitted under the Town of Minto Zoning Bylaw or the Town of Minto Nutrient Management By-law. 
a. All ungulate artiodactyla and perissodactyla (such as goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, deer, camels, emtt, hippopotamî,ßes, rhinoceros, tapirs, llama, domestic horse, pony, ass, donkey, mule, buffølo, bison, zebra, deer, elk, yak and elephønts) 
b. All chickens